What Exactly is Roof Consulting Service?

Roof consulting services are designed to help building owners and managers make fact-based decisions about their roofs. A roof consultant provides roofing expertise and knowledge to a building owner or manager without pressuring or misleading them into buying an expensive roofing system when it is not needed.

Additionally, roof consulting services include:

  • Roof surveys or inspections to determine the useful service life of a roof
  • Leak analysis to determine the cause of leaks
  • Specification writing for roof replacement projects
  • Quality assurance inspections during roof installation
  • Construction consulting during insurance claims
  • Roof asset management for property owners and managers
  • Contractor bid oversight and management during the bid process
  • Building envelope inspections and designs
  • Moisture surveys
  • Roofing expert witness services during litigation

Roof consulting services are dynamic and varying, and roof consultants are an ally in dealing with an expensive building system: your roof.